why you shouldn't wait until 2022 to make a change

by team nuut

bring your new year goals forward and let's make it happen

when it comes to setting wellness resolutions, whether to stop biting your nails or budge that last 5 kilos, a new year feels like the perfect opportunity to make it happen. it's a fresh chance to reinvent yourself, and continue your new habit, even after january.

but why wait? january 1 isn't necessarily crucial to the success we've built it up to be. when we decide to make a goal happen on a date rather than on our readiness, we often set ourselves up for failure.

january brings a flurry of hopes and expectations for an improved you, but why wait? set small goals, start now, and head into 2022 on track to finally make it happen.

1. festive season boundaries

the holidays are a tricky time when it comes to being healthy. waiting until january 1 is a little like giving yourself a free pass to indulge, which is a mindset for higher than usual alcohol intake and less than ideal food choices!

why not start making healthy habits now? you'll have strategies to moderate, avoid, or minimise unhealthy choices, preventing poor habits from pushing you even farther away from your goals.

"studies show it can take 21 days to create new patterns of behaviour"

2. stop procrastinating (you're so much better than that!)

suffer from procrastination? if you're nodding your head, you possibly suffer higher levels of stress at times, have trouble sleeping, and lower level of well-being. people often hold off on a task because they don't feel ready to focus on it and think in the future they will be. stalling until january 1 only delays working through any challenges you need to face. starting right now can end procrastination and the stress that comes with it.

3. the season can steal your motivation.

waiting until after january 1, when the excitement of the holidays has died down, can see your mood take a deep dive. creating positive change while feeling 'blah' can make implementing new fitness habits even harder. when you're feeling happy and festive, embarking on fitness goals can help you stick to your plans and squash those blue feelings – hello endorphins! get a head start on those feel-good vibes, and jump onto a new fitness habit now. not only will you feel instantly better, but you'll be setting yourself up for success come january.


4. a new habit takes 21 days

studies show it can take 21 days to create new patterns of behaviour. it allows you to be mentally committed and consistent and make it a part of your daily routine. starting now means you'll be well on your way by 1 january. it's the holidays and you still want to feel relaxed and enjoy yourself, so make your resolutions small and specific and start right now! maybe your aim is to drink more water. why not start today and sink a pre-breakfast bottle of water spiked with lemon juice? stick with it, and by january, you'll have one habit locked in already!

remember: the journey to successfully crushing your goals is rarely a straight line - it's full of twists and turns and ups and downs. a minor setback is not a failure - it's just another opportunity to improve with consistent efforts.