what is nuut?
nuut is plant-based complete nutrition made easy. each sachet is 100% nourishment derived from best-in-class wholefoods, making it delicious, nourishing, sustainable and satisfying.

what's the difference between the 3 blends?
daily balance tastes like the best quality milk chocolate - smooth, creamy and naturally sweet. low-carb and perfectly balanced, it’s our best-selling blend.
paleo is rich, deeply delicious and tasting of dark chocolate. it’s high in protein and low in carbs.
keto is a lovely, light chocolate flavour that truly satisfies. it’s high in good fats and low in carbs.

is nuut free from gluten?
sure is. nuut is also free of dairy, soy, fillers, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, refined sugar, sucralose, stevia, lactose and (gasp!) genetically modified organisms. boom!

are there any preservatives in nuut?
absolutely not – 0% preservatives, 100% goodness.

does nuut contain sugar?
all nuut products are free from refined sugar and all artificial sweeteners, including sucralose. we only use the tastiest and healthiest natural sweetener - monk fruit extract. this extract contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero sodium, and zero fat.

what is nuut’s shelf life?
amazingly, our plant-based powders have an 18 month-long shelf life so they last longer, which means much less food waste. the best before date can be found on the bottom of every sachet.

how and where should i store my nuut?
store your nuut in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

are your blends suitable for vegans?
yes, our blends are made from plants and are completely cruelty-free and made with sustainability in mind. not to mention, we also offer a vegan version for every meal plan. (you’re welcome.)

what else can i put in my nuut to make it more a meal?
whatever you please. we love protein-rich hemp seeds, oats, chia, nut butters, banana and avocado (which is great for its healthy fats too). just watch how much you add because it will ramp up your nuuts’ calorie count.

can i exercise while on the meal plans?
as the calorie levels are quite low, we recommend light to moderate exercise like a walk, stretching session, or swim. always listen to your body.

how or why are nuut blends healthy?
nuut is optimised for bioavailability - meaning maximum absorption of all nutrients. nuut is vegan and free from dairy, soy, gluten, fillers, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms.

made from plants, nuut products are completely cruelty free and made with sustainability in mind. each meal is fortified with vitamins and minerals - just like a multivitamin. each sachet contains over 25% of your daily essential intake. say no more.

what ages is nuut intended for?
nuut has been developed for the nutritional requirements of adults. however, as it is wholefood derived nutrition, it is safe for your little ones to consume and include as part of a balanced diet. if you have any complications, please contact your health professional.

i’m breastfeeding/pregnant. can i still have my nuut?
all of our products are deliciously plant-based and derived from whole-foods, which makes them safe to consume while pregnant or breastfeeding, in conjunction with a well-balanced diet. however, they should not be consumed as the sole source of nutrition. we recommend that you seek advice from your medical professional, just to be sure.

is nuut made with sustainability in mind?
nuut is 100% pro-planet so we use less water and carbon than animal products. Also, to combat growing global issues around food packaging waste and because most food grade sachets end up as landfill, nuut uses a circular packaging recycling scheme.

how do i recycle my nuut packaging?
not only is our circular packaging recycling scheme kind to the planet, it makes daily recycling simple for you. so it’s pro-planet, and pro-you too. 
   1. return your empty nuut sachets in the envelope supplied 
   2. we will take care of the recycling for you...
   3. ....and turn your empty nuuts into cool stuff like outdoor and kids’ furniture.

what forms of payment do you accept?
we accept payment via shop pay, google pay, pay pal, after pay, apple pay and all major credit cards. if you have issues with your preferred payment method then please email us at enquiries@nuut.com.

can i track my order?
we use a premium postage carrier with full online tracking services available. If your chosen shipping method includes tracking you will receive an automatic email with your tracking link as soon as it becomes available from the shipping carrier.

does nuut offer free shipping?
we offer free shipping on orders over $100. a shipping fee of $10 will be charged on orders under $100.
where do i enter the discount code?
all discount & promo codes are entered at checkout. you will find an option to add your discount code - enter your code and click on 'apply'.