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14 days

shake up your routine 

& shed those last niggling kilos - fast


• 14 day meal plan
• 2 x boxes of 14 sachets
• nuut x thermos bottle

twice daily



clear minded


less stressed 


28 days

get your body back to square one for long-term wellness


• 28 day meal and exercise plan
• 4 x boxes of 14 sachets
• nuut thermos bottle

1,2,3 - 1/day, 2/day, 3/day + repeat


lean & fit


less bloated

well rested


28 days

eat classic paleo and feel strong, renewed, & energised


• 28 day meal plan
• 3 x boxes of 14 sachets

1,2 - 1/day, 2/day + repeat


fit & strong


less bloated



28 days

eat low carb and shift kilos - it’s keto made simple


• 28 day meal plan
• 3 x boxes of 14 sachets

1, 2 - 1/day, 2/day + repeat


light and lean



strong & balanced

what our nuuters are saying

what our nuuters are saying

“i have lost 9 kilos and have more energy and confidence. i would recommend this to anyone struggling to stick to a diet.”

amy b

“very easy-to-mix, tastes indulgent and is nourishing and smooth. just like chocolate ice-cream”

margaret f

“i love the taste and don’t feel hungry. i’ve lost 3 kilos in such a short time and feel full of energy.”

ann m

“the perfect nutritional support for my fasting days. tasty, filling, nutrient dense meal replacements!”

simon a

overhaul your health and transform your body in just 14 days.


our new nuut reboot is the ultimate method for overhauling your health and body. packed with complete nutrition and clean food swaps, it’s a super-healthy way to lose weight, improve digestion and gut health, increase energy levels, and promote radiant skin.

follow our flexible plan, eat clean, look lean, feel lighter, and ✨ glow  - and fast.


helps you lose weight / ramps up energy levels / nourishes your body with health-boosting antioxidants / lets you discover new ways to prepare and eat clean / fuels your body with all the nutrients it needs for optimal health / gives you a healthy, radiant complexion / helps the planet


duration: 14 days

nuut 14 day reboot plan includes:

  • 28 plant-based nuut chocolate shakes - available in 4 different blends
  • 14-day nutritionist-approved downloadable meal plan
  • 21 deliciously easy nutrient-dense recipes, including delicious vegan options

260 reviews

looking to restore, recalibrate and cleanse?


reset is your exclusive 28 day workout and meal plan packed with delicious plant-based recipes designed to help you get lean, feel lighter, glow, and feel ready to tackle a brand new year. 


each dish is satisfying, simple to make, and big on whole unprocessed ingredients (and flavour!). we put creative spins on dishes we already love—curries, spaghetti and noodles —and provide back-pocket weight loss tricks you can use beyond these dishes. 


nudges kilos / smashes cravings / improves gut health for better digestion / increases energy levels / improves absorption of nutrients from food / encourages quality sleep / makes your skin ✨ glow ✨ 

duration: 28 days

nuut 28 day reset plan includes:

  • 56 plant-based nuut shakes in your choice of chocolate or vanilla blend
  • nuut x thermos bottle
  • 28 day downloadable plant-based meal plan, including nutritionist-approved recipes
  • daily workout of 8 moves for fat-burning and toning

eat simply, as nature intended


nuut makes going paleo easy with beauty and wellness benefits that start from the inside out. 

paleo follows the diet our bodies were naturally 'programmed' to eat, before modern farming put dairy, legumes, grains and processed foods on our plates. with studies suggesting these food types can make us more susceptible to health issues like weight gain and heart disease, a clean wholesome paleo diet is effective for optimal health and wellbeing:

improves metabolic process and gut health / ramps up energy / improves sleep / promotes clear skin and lustrous hair / improves mental clarity / helps muscle growth / lowers risk of heart disease and diabetes / improves immune function / nourishes gut flora / aids absorption of nutrients.

duration: 28 days

nuut paleo plan includes:

  • 42 nuut paleo sachets
  • nutritionist-approved downloadable meal plan
  • 22 delicious nutrient-dense recipes (vegan and non-vegan versions) 

40 reviews

want to transform your body and health in 28 days?


whether you follow the keto style of eating or just want to give it a go, nuut makes it easy.

the keto diet is a lower-carb, higher-fat eating plan where carbohydrate intake is significantly minimised so your body uses fat (converted to ketones), rather than carbs, for energy. this metabolic state is called ketosis.

burns excess body fat quickly / reduces total cholesterol / improves heart health / regulates sugar metabolism / improves brain fog / lowers inflammation / balances hormones / crushes sugar cravings

duration: 28 days

nuut keto plan includes:

  • 42 nuut keto sachets
  • nutritionist-approved downloadable meal plan
  • 22 delicious nutrient-dense recipes (vegan and non-vegan versions)

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