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set your goals & pick your perfect plan

14 days to prep your body for the season festive ahead.

get prepped for the season ahead and be ready to party! our 14 day plan primes
your body for optimum health so you can hit the party season in your very best
health and shape.

when you’re deep in a daily routine, it can be hard to navigate work drinks, parties
and cravings without straying from responsible healthy eating habits. once the festive
season hits, it’s almost impossible.

because ‘eating well’ only works if you are truly enjoying every bite, we have made
sure this 14 days is filled with delicious food: asian fusion, clean comfort dishes,
vibrant fresh herbs, and restorative hot breakfasts to keep you feeling satiated all
day long.

the nuut pre-party cleanse is easy to follow for benefits you will feel and see within

less body fat / more energy / glowing skin / high quality sleep / no more cravings /
strong immune system / happy liver

duration: 14 days

nuut pre party cleanse pack includes:

  • 1 tub + 1 box of nuut daily balance
  • nuut x thermos bottle
  • 14 day meal plan
  • 22 delicious and easy nutrient-dense recipes

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looking to restore, recalibrate and cleanse?

nuut reset transforms your daily regime and eating habits for glowing skin and a full body overhaul.

packed with complete nutrition and clean food swaps, nuut reset is super-simple to follow and a cinch to stick to for benefits that start from the inside out:

burns unwanted fat / feel energised / fuels your body with good nutrition / promotes healthy & glowing skin.

duration: 14 or 28 days

nuut reset pack includes:

  • 28 or 56 nuut sachets
  • nuut x thermos bottle
  • 14 or 28 day nutritionist-approved downloadable meal plan
  • 28 delicious and easy nutrient-dense recipes

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want to transform your body and health in 28 days?

whether you follow the keto style of eating or just want to give it a go, nuut makes it easy.

the keto diet is a lower-carb, higher-fat eating plan where carbohydrate intake is significantly minimised so your body uses fat (converted to ketones), rather than carbs, for energy. this metabolic state is called ketosis.

burns excess body fat quickly / reduces total cholesterol / improves heart health / regulates sugar metabolism / improves brain fog / lowers inflammation / balances hormones / crushes sugar cravings

duration: 28 days

nuut keto pack includes:

  • 42 nuut keto sachets
  • nutritionist-approved downloadable meal plan
  • 22 delicious nutrient-dense recipes (vegan and non-vegan versions)

eat simply, as nature intended

nuut makes going paleo easy with beauty and wellness benefits that start from the inside out. 

paleo follows the diet our bodies were naturally 'programmed' to eat, before modern farming put dairy, legumes, grains and processed foods on our plates. with studies suggesting these food types can make us more susceptible to health issues like weight gain and heart disease, a clean wholesome paleo diet is effective for optimal health and wellbeing:

improves metabolic process and gut health / ramps up energy / improves sleep / promotes clear skin and lustrous hair / improves mental clarity / helps muscle growth / lowers risk of heart disease and diabetes / improves immune function / nourishes gut flora / aids absorption of nutrients.

duration: 28 days

nuut paleo pack includes:

  • 42 nuut paleo sachets
  • nutritionist-approved downloadable meal plan
  • 22 delicious nutrient-dense recipes (vegan and non-vegan versions) 

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