'nuut keeps me on track and motivated'

by team nuut

Fashion stylist Teagan Sewell changed her eating habits, added nuut to her diet, and dropped 30 kilos. Here is her story.

“I took up running in December 2018.  I’d never run before, but after going through some work stress I needed an outlet. I was roughly 85kgs at my heaviest. I think I stopped weighing myself because I was in denial that I’d gained so much weight over the previous few years. 

After learning how to run over a 3 week period using interval running.  I wondered what else could I improve on. 

I took up circuit training and yoga on Valentine’s Day 2019, after breaking up with my partner of 5 years.  I made a plan for self-love – to put myself and my health first.

Around this time, I also stopped drinking alcohol for a year. I also quit coffee, dairy, gluten, and high carbs. I took up a whole-food plant-based diet but not as a strict vegan. As my new partner calls it - bad vegan. I like to eat eggs and fish occasionally.

I changed my relationship with food. Now I consider it fuel.  It’s about which meal will help me run for longer, work out for longer, and feel stronger. 

25 lost kilos later, brings me to now. 

Isolating has made it hard to stay motivated. I relied on my exercise communities to keep me in check – it’s accountability which I’ve grown used too. 

To help, I introduced nuut to my daily eating plan. It keeps me on track and motivated. Over my 18 month weight loss journey, I’ve read a lot and been overwhelmed with the amount of confusing nutritional Information out there. I have decided to keep it simple, straight forward and old school. Calories in versus calories out. 

I love using smoothies on days I want to fast or not feel slowed down by heavier meals.

I recently did a week on nuut, and lost 5kgs. It was great to be able to do this during isolation when I couldn’t keep my usual daily routine. 

I’m definitely going to keep nuut as part of my routine moving forward. On my nuut days, I have more energy and can concentrate longer. I don’t crave chocolate at 3pm anymore either!”