7 important wellness updates to know in less than 5 minutes

by team nuut

you’re busy, so it’s hard to keep up to speed with the latest greatest wellness hacks and news. so, we did the legwork for you.

shake a nuut, sip, get up-to-date, and thank us later. craving a riff on your usual nuut? head to recipes here for 30-second nuuts with a twist.

is natural wine actually better for you?

fewer headaches. less severe hangovers. better gut health. how do these health claims stack up against the science? put down your shiraz and find out here

why ear seeding—not coffee—is my first step of the day. 

ear what? listen up and get the low-down here

4 reasons why losing weight gets harder with age

are the weight loss tips and tricks you used to swear by no longer working? here’s why, and how to overcome this barrier.

a plant-based diet is the best way to avoid heart disease, according to a new report

green is good (we told you so 😉) go vegie here or keep it simple and sip your way to good health

is it safe to eat produce that has touched other rotten, mouldy foods?

here’s what you should know about how spoiled fruits and vegetables can affect nearby items and how to decide whether it’s still ok to eat. chow down here

the rise of therapy-speak

how a language got off the couch and into the world. learn the language here.

little evidence screaming helps mental health, say psychologists

stop the press! experts question long-term benefits of therapy for mental and psychological disorders. pipe down and read all about it.