7 podcasts you need to listen to immediately

by team nuut

wellness trends, tools, and techniques are ever-changing, and here at nuut we like to stay on top of the latest and greatest. we love to collect podcasts and integrate them into our daily routines as a simple and entertaining way to stay informed.

here are 7 podcasts we can’t get enough of. shake a nuut and listen up….

the happiness lab

laurie santos of yale university is all about feeling your happiest. drawing on the latest research, he provides tools, techniques and methods to help get you back in control of your mental health for the healthiest of habits.

ted health

a wealth of information around fitness and self-improvement, ted talks seek the very best advice from movers and shakers in the nutrition and science fields.

deliciously ella

on the back of the success of the deliciously ella range of cookbooks, comes this podcast hosted by ella and her husband. interviewing doctors, authors and wellness experts, they cover an array of topics ranging from plant-based diets for kids to eating for emotional resilience.

the power hour

adrienne herbert is all about getting things done. inspired by her own morning power hour, her guests, including athletes, coaches and activists, share their own morning routines, daily habits, and rules to live by.

the doctor's kitchen

author dr rupy aujla is a frontrunner in the food as medicine movement. his deliciously addictive podcast is packed with recipes designed to benefit everything from fertility and allergies to skin and eye health.


an itunes award-winner six years in a row, this is more spotify than podcast. choose from a selection of nonstop, one-hour, high-energy workout music mixes posted twice monthly. each episode title lets the listener know exactly the beats per minute (bpm). fixed-tempo and interval exercise mixes are ideal for tempo-based forms of exercise.

the food medic

dr hazel wallace interviews health and medical specialists on a range of wellness issues, deep diving into a diverse range of topics from plant-based diets for sports performance to dealing with imposter syndrome.