Are These Health Trends Worth the Hype?

by team nuut

nuut's Take on the Top Lifestyle and Wellness Trends of 2024

In the ever-evolving world of wellness, social media births a new trend almost every five minutes. Within this whirlwind, the burning question persists: which trends genuinely deserve a spot in your routines? As your trusted ally in all thing’s gut health, radiant skin, and inner well-being, nuut is ever curious about the latest health and wellness trends.

Only the truly transformative ones earn a coveted place in our line-up. Join us as we navigate from ice baths to mushroom stacking, unveiling the lowdown on the latest wellness trends making waves. Your well-being journey is our priority, so let's dive into the plant-powered playground and unveil our verdict on whether these health trends are truly worth the hype.

Ice Baths

Diving into the chilly world of ice baths is akin to taking a plunge into invigorating cold therapy—a practice known to stand the test of time. Picture the classic scenario of rushing into the ocean on a crisp morning, but now envision a modern twist—portable ice baths that invite you to immerse yourself anytime, anywhere.

Who's likely to revel in the refreshing benefits?

Ice baths are popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking elevated physical recovery. The perks, however, aren't exclusive to marathon runners; anyone can dip their toes into this chilly trend. For those with heart, blood pressure, or circulatory concerns, a cautious approach is wise. It's advisable to consult with a health professional before taking the icy plunge, given that the cold water induces the release of stress hormones, potentially causing a rise in blood sugar levels.

Now, the verdict.

Scientific reports are increasingly stacking up in favour of ice baths, revealing their potential to diminish muscle soreness, alleviate symptoms of depression, and boost basal metabolic rate—findings derived from small-scale studies. One notable study even showcased the synergistic effects of cold-water immersion when coupled with meditation and breathing techniques, influencing immune response. However, a crucial observation emerged—breathing techniques proved more influential than the cold water itself. This implies that the true magic of ice baths unfolds when you master the art of calming your nervous system through intentional breathwork while embracing the cold embrace of the water. So, if you're ready to embark on a refreshing journey toward physical recovery and mental rejuvenation, the world of ice baths awaits.

All things Protein

Welcome to the protein-packed realm of wellness, where food manufacturers wield the term "protein" like a magic wand, transforming everything from pizza to ice-cream into instant health darlings. As we navigate the landscape of predicted global health trends, protein-enriched foods reign supreme, gracing supermarket shelves with promises of a healthier, more robust lifestyle.

Who benefits?

Now, let's dissect the protein puzzle. There's a positive correlation between protein consumption, muscle mass, and graceful aging, prompting an influx of products boasting heightened protein content. However, a word of caution—simply slapping a "protein" label on a product doesn't guarantee significant benefits. To truly unlock the potential, a serving should exceed 10-20g of protein. Munching on a processed snack flaunting a mere 5g or less might not deliver the health boost you're seeking.

So, are protein-enriched foods truly worth the hype?

The answer lies in the essence of protein—an essential nutrient, especially as we age through our 40s and 50s. While dinner often treats us to ample protein through generous servings of meat, chicken, or fish, our daytime intake might fall a bit short. Enter the quest for protein-rich foods, offering a golden range of 10-20g per serving. Here, nuut protein powders emerge as the unsung heroes, seamlessly integrating into your routine to elevate not just your protein intake but your entire wellness journey. With nuut, each sip becomes a powerhouse of nourishment, supporting your journey towards satiety, a revved-up metabolism, optimized glucose metabolism, and crucial maintenance of muscle mass as the sands of time continue to flow. So, dive into the protein adventure with nuut; your body will thank you for the nutritious nourishment it craves.

Revolutionising plant-based proteins and snacks

While plant-based proteins have been around, the current trend involves a fusion of protein-fortified products and a surge in protein-centric snacks. The realm of plant-based alternatives is expanding, with plant-based seafood emerging as the next big thing.

Watch out for an array of products fortified with protein, ranging from rice, pasta, and baking mixes to nut protein powders and snack foods. This trend isn't surprising, considering that "high-protein" claimed the top spot in the IFIC 2023 Food & Health Survey, constituting 18% of respondents' preferred eating patterns. It surpassed other approaches like mindful eating (17%), calorie-counting (12%), clean eating (12%), and intermittent fasting (12%).

IV Infusions

Enter the realm of Intravenous (IV) Infusions, a practice deeply rooted in the medical field. This technique involves the direct administration of fluids, medicine, and nutrients through an IV drip, coursing directly into the veins. In the wellness space, IV infusions craft a tailored formulation catering to specific nutritional needs, often brimming with vitamin and mineral richness—think vitamin C, various B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and glutathione. While iron infusions prove beneficial for those grappling with iron deficiency, they necessitate a medical referral for administration.

Who stands to benefit from this?

In theory, IV infusions boast a wide applicability spectrum, catering to diverse individuals and health goals through customisable formulations. However, a crucial consultation with a healthcare professional is vital before embarking on this journey, especially for individuals with conditions like kidney disease or renal failure. A word of caution: if needles trigger fear, this might not be the ideal path for you.

Now, the verdict.

Amidst the flurry of 'drip bars' and wellness spaces hailing IV infusions as energy-boosting, flu-fighting marvels with skin-illuminating qualities, the scientific backing is rather limited. A trial investigating the famed 'Myer’s cocktail'—a blend of magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and various B vitamins—produced no significant relief in the symptoms of 34 individuals battling fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition.

It's worth noting that in the realm of hospitals and medical centres, IV therapy triumphs as a reliable means to rehydrate patients and administer essential nutrients like iron and vitamin B12 to those grappling with deficiencies.

What we DO KNOW, the vitamins and minerals offered by IV infusions aren't exclusive the vitamins and minerals offered by IV infusions aren't exclusive. A diet containing a diverse range of wholefoods can equip most of us with the same nutritional arsenal without the need for an IV drip. For those seeking a convenient and plant-based route, supplementing your diet with nuut, packed with vitamin and minerals from plant-based protein, can be an equally enriching journey toward overall well-being.

Sober-Curious Lifestyle

Embarking on a sober-curious lifestyle is like opening the door to a realm of beauty and health benefits. It's a conscious choice to step away from dominant drinking cultures and the societal pressure to indulge in alcohol at social gatherings.

Who stands to benefit from this?

Anyone can embrace this lifestyle, experiencing the positive impact of cutting down or eliminating alcohol consumption. Particularly beneficial for those feeling the societal pressure to drink, the sober-curious approach is a mindset shift away from the notion that alcohol is a prerequisite for having a good time.

What do we think?

Well, it's a resounding yes from us. Beyond steering clear of hangovers, adopting a sober-curious lifestyle contributes to better sleep and enhanced mental well-being. The perks extend to lower blood pressure, a reduced risk of stroke, improved immunity, and better gut health. According to the 2019 National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) in Australia, 31% of individuals had already cut down on their alcohol intake at any given time, compared to 28% in 2016—an upward trend that's predicted to continue. So, saying cheers to a sober-curious lifestyle might just be the refreshing sip your overall well-being needs.

Facial Yoga

Delving into the world of facial yoga is like unlocking a secret routine for a more youthful appearance. This practice revolves around engaging facial muscles through purposeful movements, exercises, and stretches, aiming to kickstart lymphatic drainage and fortify muscles, promoting a lifted and toned appearance.

Who stands to benefit the most?

Facial yoga methods are popular among those eager to stave off fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and lacklustre complexions.

The verdict?

The potential is there, supported by data indicating that regular facial exercises yield a more youthful look, especially when it comes to fuller-looking cheeks. However, like any transformative journey, consistency is the golden key. Results hinge on adhering to a 30-minute daily or alternate-day facial exercise regimen stretched over 20 weeks. It's a commitment that suggests these exercises need to persist to maintain the achieved results.

For those seeking an extra boost, incorporating facial massage tools like Gua shas and jade rollers can amplify the benefits by enhancing skin blood flow. So, if the quest for a naturally radiant and lifted face intrigues you, facial yoga might just be the empowering ritual you've been searching for.