foods to nourish your skin and hair

by team nuut

the beauty commandments for eating your way to natural beauty.

we all want clear, glowing skin and thick, glossy hair, yet the simplest daily lifestyle choices can damage both. it is well known that smoking, alcohol, chemicals, and pollution impact the health and appearance of skin and hair, but did you know what you put on your plate can have equally adverse effects?

just like all your body’s systems, hair and skin are significantly affected by your diet and the nutrients you consume - or don’t.

so, what exactly is skin?

skin, our largest body system, contains thousands of cells, hundreds of sweat glands, nerve endings, oil glands, and blood vessels and is made up of three layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.

the epidermis is the tough, protective outer layer consisting of cells that constantly flake off and are renewed. beneath it, the dermis houses blood vessels, nerve endings, sweat glands, and hair follicles and nourishes the epidermis with fibre, collagen and elastin that help keep skin firm and elastic. the dermis also contains sebaceous glands that form the oil sebum, which keeps our complexions soft and waterproof so moisture is retained. the bottom layer of skin is the subcutaneous tissue comprising connective tissue, blood vessels, and cells that store fat and protects the body from injuries while retaining body heat.

what is hair?

our hair follicles comprise layers of cells within the skin that create a tube-like form that holds hair. inside each hair follicle is a bulb where living hair is formed. hair is made of a robust protein called keratin, also the main element of skin and nails. when hair cells grow out of the follicle, a string of new cells is created in their place. the papilla, a vital artery that nourishes the hair's root, is at the bottom of the follicle where this growth occurs. as cells multiply and make keratin that hardens the structure, they're pushed up the follicle and through the skin's surface as a hair shaft. each comprises three layers: the medulla (centre), cortex (the core) and cuticle (hard outer protective layer). each hair follicle has a life span moves that moves through different growth phases like transition and hair loss.

prevention before cure

lacklustre skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, hair loss and low-lustre sheen often occur before we ask ourselves why and address the possible causes. however, if we know how to take care of our hair and skin by making the right lifestyle choices, we can ensure that these conditions don’t happen in the first place.

healthy hair and skin rely on specific nutrients essential for staving off hair loss, skin problems and inflammations while promoting growth, glow and lustre.

good health and natural beauty have always gone hand in hand. eating a diet rich in whole natural foods and vegan protein powders that contain essential nutrients for beautiful hair and skin is key for optimal results.

here are the beauty commandments to follow for eating your way to natural health and beauty.

1 thou shalt go with the gut. fixing the gut microbiome has been on the lips of wellness warriors for years, and for good reason. apart from enhanced immune function, metabolised hormones, detoxified enzymes, and neutralised pathogens, the gut and skin share a close link, working together to provide coveted beauty benefits like clear, glowing skin and glossy hair.

a happy, healthy gut relies on a colourful plant-based diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. it also requires probiotics, the beneficial bacteria found in certain foods and supplements, and prebiotics, the types of fibre that feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

nuut's range of plant-based protein powders contains sky-high levels of both. just shake one nuut sachet with water or plant-based milk, and sip. or elevate its beauty benefits by adding extra prebiotics like almonds, bananas, flaxseeds and natural probiotic yoghurt.

2 thou shalt encourage the production of keratin, the fibrous, structural protein that helps form hair, nails and your skin's epidermis. it also helps heal wounds and keeps your nails and hair in tip top condition.

your body produces many different types of keratin proteins and certain foods supply it, too. you can help boost your body's keratin production by eating plenty of broccoli, carrots, eggs, garlic, kale, salmon and sweet potatoes.

nuut’s nutritionist-designed meal plans that cater to a range of eating styles like keto, paleo and intermittent fasting, are filled with whole food recipes that include keratin-loving ingredients. not only are they are a cinch to make and super good for you, but the whole family will love them, too. sweet potato shepherd’s pie, anyone? who knew comfort food could give such great glow?

3 though shalt embrace daily plant-based protein powder because eating enough dietary protein daily is paramount for fostering beautiful, healthy skin and hair. studies show a plant-based diet benefits skin barrier health and function, and for the time-poor, the most convenient way to pack plant-based protein into their day is with a vegan protein powder.

perth's nuut, a highly nutritious bio-available plant-based protein powder, is formulated with science and beauty-loving superfoods and nutrients, like vitamins c and a, nourishing coconut and macadamia oils, iron-rich kelp, and zinc. discover what else goes into your daily nuut here.

4 thou shalt eat foods rich in biotin, the essential b vitamin that provides the body with energy and nutrients from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and prevents hair loss. it is found in foods like egg yolks and legumes, and the bacteria in the large intestine also produces it. nuts, in particular almonds, walnuts, and pecans, are a great source of biotin and the perfect beauty snack for helping to create healthy hair cells, leading to thicker, healthier hair. Add a few nuts to your daily nuut to ramp up its biotin levels!

5 thou shalt be rich in vitamin a, the fat-soluble micronutrient that helps maintain the healthy cells surrounding the hair follicle which are needed for healthy hair growth.

vitamin a has potent antioxidant properties and is also highly beneficial for moisturising skin, speeding up the healing process, preventing breakouts and supporting the skin's immune system. it can also be effectively applied topically to reduce fine wrinkles, roughness and treat blemishes and acne.

get a big dose of vitamin a when you eat beef liver, herring, carrots and green leafy vegetables like spinach. sweet potatoes are rich in the carotenoid beta-carotene, a precursor for vitamin a that promotes keratin production and is necessary for skin and nail health.

nuut plant-based protein powder contains nourishing macadamia oil that includes this skin and hair-loving super-vitamin making it a favourite with nuuters who covet that special wellness glow.

6 thou shalt embrace iron, the critical nutrient for healthy hair growth and radiant skin, mucous membranes, and nails. iron deficiency is a common condition often caused by certain gi conditions, a fast food diet, and a heavy period. an iron deficiency lowers the haemoglobin level in your blood, which can reduce the amount of oxygen available to cells that cause hair growth. skin and hair that lack oxygen can become dry and brittle. iron deficiency is also associated with hair loss; some research suggests it may even be a cause.

find your daily source of iron in nuut vegan protein powder, red meat, pork and poultry, seafood, beans, peas, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, and iron-fortified cereals, breads and pastas.

7 thou shall consume more omega-3 fatty acids that regulate skin oil production, hydration, and signs of ageing. they are also a rich source of protein, the powerful antioxidant vitamin e, and biotin.

omega 3 promotes the composition of fatty acids in the skin making skin feel soft and more elastic. it helps skin retain moisture by acting on the phospholipid bilayer, keeping it supple, glowing and radiant. omega-3s also fight inflammation, one of the major causes of many skin, hair, and health conditions and are known to minimise the effect of the sun on sensitive skin.

the two kinds of omega 3 acids - epa and dha are found mainly in fish, and another omega 3 fatty acid type, ala, is found in plant sources like nuts and seeds. walnuts and flaxseeds are especially rich in omega-3.

8 thou shalt covet vitamin c that stimulates collagen, the key component of keratin. it is also a powerful skin-boosting antioxidant that fights harmful toxins that effect skin from inside and outside of the body.

vitamin c contains ascorbic acid that helps rapid wound healing by activating collagen. it also refines skin tone, reduces the visible signs of ageing, and helps tissue repair.

fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits (especially oranges and grapefruit), red and green peppers and kiwifruit, are all fantastic sources of vitamin c. so is plant-based protein powder. combine plant-based milk with a sachet of nuut and take your daily smoothie to a whole new glow-inducing level.