how do you nuut?

by team nuut

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We just really want to know - how do you nuut?

Need inspiration? Here’s how our staffers like theirs.

“I have a nuut as an afternoon snack to curb my chocolate cravings. I like to mix half a serve of nuut Paleo with 250-300ml of water and give it a good shake. It’s a great pick-me-up and helps me power through until dinner.”
~ adil, boss man

“Ice elevates a nuut so I pop some ice, 300ml of almond milk and a sachet of nuut daily balance. Adding nuut last prevents sediment gathering at the bottom of the cup. Then I blitz and sprinkle liberally with cacao nibs. It adds texture.” 
~ Bella, social media queen

“I blitz a nuut Daily Balance with 300ml of iced water, 3 almonds, an espresso, and dash of sea salt. It’s the perfect way to combine breakfast and my morning latte in one drink. It actually gets me out of bed in the morning!” 
~ Elizabeth, pencil pusher

“I love my nuut combined with water, ice, hemp seeds and a banana. nuut is also delicious with water and hemp seeds for that touch of creaminess!” 
~ Malika, creative genius

“Mine’s a blend-and-go smoothie of nuut Daily Balance, oat milk, banana, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. And now, thanks to Bella, I decorate it with cacao nibs. It adds crunch!” 
~ zara, brand guru

“I blitz my nuut with almond milk and half a frozen banana to make it extra creamy. If I’m having it as a protein-packed workout snack, I add collagen to help support lean muscle development.” 
~ Caris, logistics mastermind

“I love to keep my nuut simple and quick! I blitz oat milk, chia seeds, ice and nuut Keto. It’s everything I need and delish!” 
~ stef, marketing star