how to lose weight without diet or exercise

by team nuut

want to shed kilos without adopting a fad diet or spending every waking moment at the gym? 

yes, you can, because healthy, sustainable weight loss is made by making small, considered changes every day. 

self-care and long weight loss are a marathon, not a sprint.

super strict dieting may seem like the fastest path to dropping kilos, but most fail in the long run. sure the weight may come off quickly, but it will come back just as quickly, usually with some added pounds to boot. 

instead of restricting your body, try these proven tips for long-lasting weight loss and optimum self-care.

eat breakfast 

start every day with plenty of clean protein and fibre that will keep you satisfied and encourage you to make better food choices throughout the day. avoid carbohydrate bombs like cereal and muffins, and instead shake a plant-based nuut with nut milk, dates, oats and peanut butter, scramble a couple of eggs and serve on wholegrain toast, or dish up plain greek yoghurt with a cup of fruit.

think small 

eating smaller portions can curb cravings and reduce overall daily calorie intake. feeling satiated, or having a feeling of fullness, can affect how much you eat, so avoid serving up massive portions that train your mind to think your body needs that amount of food.

make your lunch

avoid take-out lunches and make your own so you know exactly what is going into your body. you're also less likely to skip lunch on busy days, which might feel like cutting calories, but in fact makes you snack later in the day. nuut is a great way to eat well on the run. add avocado, cauliflower, hemp seeds or nuts and amp up your nuut's protein quota, so you are full and happy until dinner time.

amp up fibre

prioritising high-fibre carbs on low-carb days is the correct route to take when it comes to weight loss, as wholegrain carbohydrates are a rich source of fibre that is good for satiety, cholesterol control, and a happy, well-functioning gut.

take your time

eating mindfully is a simple way to cut back on calories. when you chew slowly instead of inhaling your food, your body registers the feeling of fullness, which takes up to 20 minutes for your brain to register. 

drink more water

sometimes hunger pangs can be misinterpreted as thirst, and "hunger" can cause you to reach for snacks when it really wants a long glass of water. if drinking plain water doesn't thrill you, try adding ice and fresh citrus; you will be guzzling it in no time. 

clock enough hours of sleep every night

a good night's sleep is key to good health, and studies show poor sleep is associated with weight gain. without seven - nine hours sleep a night, it is hard to keep the appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin in check. without an adequate amount, those hormones can become unbalanced and lead to an increased appetite.