"i lost 8 kilos in the first month"

by team nuut

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A nuut a day is powerful. simple. easy. Powered by premium plant protein, nuut provides amino acids that regulate the body’s systems providing energy, strength and satiety that assists healthy weight management.


nuut helps restore balance, and keeps you healthy, lean and clean from the inside out. It also sheds those pesky last kilos that just won’t budge. And fast.

As a loyal committed nuuter you know it, and so do we.

We love hearing from our global community and spreading the word. Here is what some of you had to say….


“nuut has helped me lose well over a stone! My first time on a shake diet and as someone who doesn’t eat very healthily, it was great to kickstart me on my way. Great tasting and adding a shot of coffee makes it even nicer. Customer service is great. I didn’t struggle with hunger either. Overall a great product and I highly recommend!” Daniel B.

“This product works so well! I have been having for breakfast and it fills me up so much I don’t eat until lunch. It has also meant that I don’t have snacks or cravings all day. I love the flavour and it has been really helpful in budging the last little bit of weight I wanted to lose!" Amelia C.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE nuut! It’s by far the best chocolate protein drink I’ve tried. Great to take traveling for a nutritional meal replacement especially for long flights to avoid bad plane food.” Margie K.

“Unlike other shakes out there, nuut tastes great! I mix mine with almond milk and an espresso shot. It keeps me full for a long time and I snack less.”  Ruby P.  

“I'd tried a couple of plant-based shakes before and couldn't finish them. I tried nuut and it was so delicious that I now look forward to one every day for breakfast with almond milk and banana.  Sometimes I have two if I need a chocolate fix! Love that it's so easy, nutritious, and super-quick.” Heather M.  


“I really love the reboot plan. So far I have stuck to the Paleo option and loving how I feel! I am one week in and definitely losing weight. I started nuut to stop snacking and overeating while staying at home. I use two shakes daily along with 1-2 healthy low fat/low carb meals. I feel healthy and strong. I train quite hard and don’t feel hungry at all.” Claire B.

“Let’s do this. Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I can’t wait to feel good in my own skin.”  Keshia L. 

“Brilliant!  Started the 123 reset and it’s the easiest program to follow. The shakes taste great and there’s no yucky aftertaste.  I lost 8 kg in the first month and I’m still going strong.” Sally C.

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