by team nuut

The concept of beauty and wellness is ever-changing, and in 2020 it is a club more inclusive than ever. 

It allows space for women of all ages, colour, shapes, and sizes. It’s no longer a one-size-fits-all club but instead, one in which everyone is welcome and beauty is represented in more diverse and accessible ways.

How has this happened?

The events of 2020 have forced us to take a proper look at ourselves, pressing us to become accountable and more accepting of those around us.

The world has demanded this of us. And protested for it.

Rather than allowing social media and glossy magazines to present a paragon of aspiration and specific beauty standards for women of all cultures, we are coming around to equating beauty with humanity. 

It is not about fitting a concise definition of what wellness and beauty should look like. You don’t need to be blonde and size 10 to be beautiful. Nor do you have to do Yoga, Pilates and Spin to be well. It is these definitions that can leave women feeling either invisible or insecure and leaves us with little option but to reject the idea of fitting in or developing unhealthy behaviours to belong.  

Here at nuut, our hope for the (near) future is that the world’s view on beauty continues to become accessible, diverse, and inclusive for all, so that all women can see themselves represented, no matter where they come from or what they look like. 

Because we all deserve the freedom to be ourselves and the opportunity to be well in whatever way works for us.

We believe if you can’t see yourself in the media you’re consuming, it’s time to seek out others. 

Here are some positive all-inclusive media outlets we are finding inspiration.