it’s time to get back into your jeans

by team nuut

With autumn comes a whole new stable of fashion go-tos. Our favourite cooler season basic is blue jeans. Flared, skinny, high waisted or boyfriend they are the perfect addition to a classic blazer and tee, crisp cotton shirt, or slouchy hoody and sneakers.


We grilled London Jean Queen Donna Ida on everything you need to know about jeans, whether you are buying brand new ones, or wriggling into old favourites.

Our tip? Sipping a daily nuut. At around 200 calories per serving and low in carbohydrates, nuut is formulated to keep blood sugar and energy levels stable making it the perfect snack or meal for smashing cravings and keeping us on track until dinner.

Suddenly those jeans are as comfy as sweatpants!


Quickie with Donna Ida


Donna what is your last eureka moment?

When I decided to stop eating sugar on the first day of Lent.


3 best tips for buying jeans?

Firstly, know your body shape. Are you long or short in the body and leg? Secondly, wriggle to get into them - they should be snug. Finally, know how you want to wear them. Will you wear with a heel for height, or flats for running around in?


How do you cure a creative block?

I don’t get creative blocks. My problem is finding enough time to squeeze in everything I need to do.


When should you compromise?

With yourself, always. Decide in your own mind what is best for you and do that first.


What do you miss about Australia most?

My parents.


The best thing about living in London?

Easy access to absolutely everything!


Best decision you ever made?

Starting Donna Ida.


And the worst?

Opening a shop in Westfield London.


Every closet needs…

Jeans jeans jeans! They offer great cost per wear and reassurance that you are always hitting the right tone.


The one beauty product you can’t live without?

Trish McEvoy Soothe & Illuminate Cream.  It turns me into a movie star.


Your happy place?

At home with my husband Bobby Dazzler and my three little Mexicans.


Current mood and why?

Dazzlingly happy.  The sun is shining, I am super healthy, I have a wonderful team and amazing customers.


What gets you up in the morning?

Breakfast. It’s my favourite meal of the day.


What’s your secret weapon and why?

For days when I am really busy and on the run I use nuut.  On photo shoots I’ll take a nuut, so I don’t need to stop.  I always have a box in the cupboard that I add to water and shake. It’s how I like it best.

The first thing you do when you are up?

Drink half a litre of water.


First holiday destination when borders reopen?



Donna’s top 20 tips for buying jean


Be open minded. Always visit a denim specialist and be open to the suggestions the assistant makes. Like any garment all jeans are essentially the same - two legs, five pockets, but the magic is in the individual fit.


If jeans go on easily, go down a size. Kicking your way into the legs isn’t unusual.


When buying jeans with super stretch, look for good quality denim that has great memory. The ‘memory’ is how quickly the denim springs back after wear.


When buying jeans with super stretch buy them firm but not overly tight. If you have ‘seam strain’ down the legs, they are possibly too tight and this could damage the stretch.


Look for white jeans with faux front pockets. If the style you choose has front pockets you can ask the tailor to remove them for
a neater look.

Apple shaped girls should look for plenty of stretch in a straight leg in a dark wash as they are the most flattering.


‘Whiskering’ adds interest and depth on jeans around the crotch area and is a flatting feature. Lighter styles with no whiskering can sometimes look a bit ‘blocky’.


There should be no ‘grab’ room at the crotch when trying. The jeans should be nice and firm when you buy them, and loosen with wear.


Alterations can give you the perfect jeans. Think about adjusting the waistband or slimming the legs - small adjustments are not unusual.


The waistband should be snug, if you can fit two fingers down the back that’s good, a whole hand is not.


Boyish shapes can wear most styles. Add some shape and interest with zips and details on back pockets.


When having your jeans hemmed make sure the tailor always measures them from the back of the leg, i.e. at your heel, otherwise they may come back too short.


Don’t be afraid to hem cropped jeans. People often think that if cropped jeans aren’t the right length then they’re not the jeans for them, but cropped jeans should be hemmed to fit properly, just like a bootleg or straight leg.


A curved, or pieced waistband, is ideal. This will be slightly higher at the back than the front and will curve into your waist rather than sit straight up.


Long legs look best in a mid to low rise to keep the waist at the right height, whereaspetite girls look great in a high rise that
accentuates the waist and elongates the legs.


High waisted jeans without a yoke can make the bottom look longer. Look for styles with a yoke if this is a concern.


Read the care instructions. Most premium jeans are best washed COLD, that’s cold and not 30 degrees. Any warmer and you are damaging the fabric.


When having your jeans hemmed for flares take the shoes you want to wear with them to the fitting. You should decide on the shoes and stick with those shoes for your flares.


Pear shaped or curvy ladies who like skinny jeans should look at high waisted styles - it elongates the leg and slims down the hip.


Have fun with your denim… the traditional five pocket jeans now come in a myriad of colours, patterns and fabrics. Just wear them with a simple white tee.