nutritionist-approved ways to supe up your day

by team nuut

it's not rocket science. superfoods are, well, super. rich in compounds like antioxidants, fibre, and fatty acids, superfoods are whole or minimally processed foods that are just that little bit extra.

nutritional experts tell us we should be eating more superfoods which is no biggie - because who doesn't want to be more super?

we hit up a nutritional expert for the best superfoods to eat and why.

blueberries these dark-coloured jewels are not only delicious but rich sources of phytochemicals. "their anthocyanins (a type of antioxidant found in purple-coloured foods) are said to improve brain activity and memory," says carly barlow from the metabolic dietitian. "blueberry consumption is also linked with supporting heart health and protecting the liver." 

kale – leafy greens like kale contain high levels of nitrate, which improve blood flow by widening our blood vessels. "think of your blood vessels like a hose," suggests carly. "the more relaxed and wider the hose, the less pressure in the vessels and the greater the blood flow. this allows blood to absorb nutrients and remove waste more effectively." 

black coffee – your daily caffeine fix helps your body release hormones and neurotransmitters like adrenalin and dopamine, which positively affect energy, mood and fat loss. "coffee has a thermogenic effect on the body, meaning it increases heat production," says carly. "it also causes a breakdown in fatty acids in the body, and these two factors make coffee burn fat effectively. habitual coffee intake is also linked with a reduced risk of alzheimer's, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer." 

garlic – evidence links garlic consumption to improved heart health, says carly. "it reduces blood pressure and improves cholesterol profiles. it also contains glutathione – a powerful antioxidant that helps lower our fasting blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation and risk of diseases such as diabetes." garlic is also a powerful pre-biotic that provides a fuel source for our healthy gut bacteria which has a wide-ranging positive effect on the body. 

nuut – nuut is brimming with superfoods and is a convenient way to consume them on-the-go. "as a dietitian, i always seek to improve my patients' gut and immune health," says carly. "inulin, a type of probiotic fibre, cannot be digested by the body. it goes through our digestive system into our large bowel, which provides fuel for our gut microbes (tiny bacterial populations living in our gut). this causes a release of chemicals called short chain fatty acids into our blood with whole body health benefits, including reduced inflammation and lowered blood sugar. the b vitamins in nuut give us energy by providing the ingredients to help us process and utilise the energy in the foods we eat. vitamin c works together with protein to build healthy skin and to improve immune health."

here are four nutritionist-approved ways to supe up your day:

• add them to your smoothie. try dark leafy greens, blueberries, nuts, seeds or nuut into a breakfast smoothie so you are

consuming your superfoods at the start of the day. 

• grow your superfoods. plant leafy greens, like kale or herbs, that pack a nutritional punch. “if it is easy to pick them

fresh, you're more likely to include them in your diet,” says carly.  many leafy greens and herbs can be grown in small

spaces, so even if you live in an apartment, you can still flex your green thumb. 

• buy good quality produce. quality doesn't necessarily mean expensive. head to your farmers' market for fresh and

flavoursome produce. “when it's freshly plucked from the ground, it's super delicious, and you are more likely to want

to eat it,” she says. 

• supplement with protein powder. if getting to the supermarket or farmer's markets regularly is too difficult, stock up on

nuut. made with premium plant-based ingredients like supergreens, pea protein, kelp and alfalfa, it fills you up, plus

you get your full quota of superfoods in one drink. winning!