nuut reboot: 10 things to know

by team nuut

Rebooting and wondering if it’s ok to spin, splurge, or why the weight is falling off so darn quickly?
We can help. Here are the answers to your most pressing questions.

I know nuut reboot is great for weight loss, but is it good for me too?

Absolutely! Our 14 day nutritionist-approved plan has been created using delicious
nutritionally balanced meals that are rich in plant protein, fibre and healthy fats.

I’m a vegan can I reboot too?

Yes our blends are made from plants and are completely cruelty-free and made with sustainability in mind.
week one of the meal plan includes plant-based recipes so if you are vegan, you can simply repeat the same week twice. 

Can I exercise on the reboot plan?

As the calorie levels are quite low, we recommend light to moderate exercise like a
walk, stretching session or swim. Always listen to your body.

Why do I feel thirstier than usual?

nuut is emulsified in 350ml of water or nut milk which gives it irresistible creaminess
and full flavour. Because it takes the body a few hours to break down nuut’s proteins into amino acids (which is why you feel fuller for longer), and because it is so thick, your body needs lots of water. Drink up.

Is nuut gluten-free?

Sure is. It’s also free of dairy, soy, fillers, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics,
refined sugar, sucralose, stevia, lactose and (gasp!) genetically modified
organisms. Boom!

Can I make meal modifications to the plan?

Follow the 14-day plan to a ‘T’, swap days, or repeat the same week twice. Whatever you please -  as long as you remain roughly within the caloric intake for each meal.

Why am I losing weight so quickly?

The reason you start losing weight from the very first day is because each day of the plan is calorie controlled - enjoy 2 nuuts, 1 meal and 2 snacks at a total count of between 900-1500 calories.

The good news is each nuut sachet is fortified with vitamins and minerals - just like a multivitamin – and contains over 25% of your daily essential vitamin and mineral intake. Which means while you are losing
weight your body is being beautifully nourished at the same time.

What else can I put in my nuut to make it more a meal?

Add protein-rich hemp seeds, a tablespoon of oats, chia, nut butter or avocado
(which is great for its healthy fats too). Just watch how much you add because it will ramp up your nuuts’ calorie count.

What do I do once I’ve completed the reboot?

Depending on your goals and how well your body has adjusted to the reboot, you
may be interested in our 28 day nuut 123 Reset program. If you wish to go a little
lighter, you will soon be able try our Maintenance plan which is modelled after our 123 reset. 

Is nuut made with sustainability in mind?

nuut is 100% pro-planet. Being plant-based means we use less water and carbon
than animal products. And amazingly, our plant-based powders have an 18 month-
long shelf life, so they last longer which means much less food waste.

Also, to combat growing global issues around food packaging waste and because most food grade sachets end up as landfill, nuut uses a circular packaging recycling scheme.

Not only is it kind to the planet, it makes daily recycling simple for you. So it’s pro-
planet, and pro-you too.