oh dear, 2022

by team nuut

we’re a quarter of the way through 2022, and let’s face it: it’s not what we were hoping for. 

luckily there’s time to make some changes, so let's step things up.

here are 22 ways to get this party (re-)started.

1.  drastically improve your life: get more sleep 
2.  stretch your comfort zone daily to feel more comfortable when outside of it
3.  invest time defining your north star to discover what your true gift is
4.  commit to a personalised nuut meal plan glow, a lean body and robust immune system. 
5. notice when you're having negative thoughts and write them down to stop them
6. recognise your stress symptoms so you can squash them before they peak
7. replace your 'cool' profile pic with an 'open' one 
8. sweep away dead skin by dry brushing every morning 
9. start your day with a 10-minute mobility flow to elevate your mood 
10. grab a bag and walk through your home filling it with things you no longer need or want.
11. eat fermented foods to improve your gut microbiome
12. make time for exercise—even if it's just 10 minutes
13. make an elaborate but nourishing snack (salmon sashimi anyone?).
14. only check your phone three times a day for a clearer mind and better mood.
15. get rid of duplicates, like excess towels, and instantly declutter your home
16. visit an art gallery, museum or see a concert to boost your mood
17. forgive someone to let go of long term negative emotion
18. eat plenty of beetroot and garlic to keep your blood pressure down
19. make a list of 'your people' and check in with one every week
20. skip negative news first thing in the morning.
21. spend 5 minutes with your blender every morning making a nuut 

22. boost circulation with a 30-second blast of cold water