quickie… with lisa quinn-schofield, interior stylist & artist

by team nuut

Lisa Quinn-Schofield creates beautiful art and interiors from her creative space Featherhorse Studio in Perth.  Following an illustrious career styling for glossies like Inside Out, House & Garden and Home Beautiful, she has returned to creating stunningly gorgeous artworks. Talk about talented.


nuut (n): What’s your secret weapon and why?
lisa quinn-schofield (ls): To just roll with the punches and surrender to what is. Worrying doesn’t change the outcome. Seeing every problem as a challenge to find a solution. Sometimes I just drop everything and fly out the door so I absolutely love that I can grab a nuut and chuck it in my shaker and face the day feeling good! 


n: Last eureka moment?  
ls: It was a moment in time when I had to pivot my career because of a back injury. I realised it was a blessing in disguise and I was grateful for the time and changes it brought to my life. 

n: Who do you turn to for advice?
ls: My husband is my go-to. He’s my rock, my sounding board, and best friend. 



n: How do you cure a creative block?
ls: Just start! Always just do something and the rest will flow once the juices are flowing. 


n: When should you compromise?
ls: Life is full of compromises, so you need to find the positive side - there is always one there, you just have to be open to change and see it. 



n: Your to-die-for colour combination?
ls: I’m always attracted to the stunning colours of our Australian landscape like rust, ochre, sand, peachy pinks, and olive green. 


n: Best decision you ever made?
ls: To pick up my paint brushes and get painting again. It feels like home. 


n: And the worst?
ls: Neglecting my art practice. It feels good to be back.


n: how does nuut make you feel?
ls: Light, fresh and nourished.


n: Every interior space needs… and why?
ls: Art! It brings interest, character and life to a space. 


 image via Jody D'Arcy


n: The one beauty product you can’t live without and why?
ls: Lip gloss. Peachy, nude and glossy every time. 


n: Your happy place?
ls: Being a part of nature at the beach or the bush. A perfect day would be being inspired by nature and then immersed in painting where time doesn’t matter. 


n: Current mood and why?
ls: Content and happy. I love being at home with my family. My husband, girls and our dog lying beside us 


n: What gets you up in the morning?
ls: My kids or the dog usually wake me up in the morning. 


n: The first thing you do when you are up?
ls: Every day is different but I always like to start with a herb tea. 


n: First holiday destination when international borders reopen?