what you need to know before jet setting

by team nuut

hey australia, thinking about booking a flight and taking to the skies?

with borders reopening to most states and territories on the 14th november, we’re taking a leaf from supermodel naomi campbell’s play book and practising good pre and inflight health and safety.  

here’s some ideas on how to fly well - 2020-style.


prior to boarding


get a flu vaccine

while it won’t protect you against covid-19, a flu shot will boost your immunity against other strains of influenza.


wash your hands 

use soap and make sure you don’t forget the backs of your hands and in-between your fingers. a proper wash should take about 20 seconds.


use hand sanitiser

if you can’t wash your hands with soap (the best method of prevention), use a hand sanitiser that’s made from at least 60 per cent alcohol.


visit the bathroom

if you’re flying short-haul, going to the toilet just before boarding could help eliminate the need to go while on the aircraft, meaning less movement around the cabin and less chance of coming into contact with a coronavirus carrier.


limit meals and drinks

try to minimise consuming any food and drinks while you wait to board your flight. if you need to shop or grab a bite, use a cashless method to pay, like a no-touch card or make online/contactless payments through your phone.


steer clear of people who are obviously sick

stay six feet away from anyone who is visibly unwell with a respiratory virus. if you need to sneeze or cough, do so into your crooked elbow, not your hands.




pack an inflight kit

  1. face mask
  2. gloves
  3. nuut
  4. sanitiser



even as airlines are upping their cleaning game, it’s important we all do our due diligence. make like naomi, snap on some gloves and using sanitising wipes clean your seat, tray table, armrests, overhead buttons and tv controls.

keep your gloves and mask firmly in place for duration of the flight. some airlines are now providing face shields before boarding—make use of it and keep it on until you deplane.

if snacks and meals are being served on board, skip unless absolutely necessary (as you've got to take off your mask for it). stick to bottled water and nuut so you don’t have to rely on in-flight facilities.


nuut powder is 100% nourishment derived from best-in-class wholefoods, that is delicious, nourishing, sustainable and satisfying. nuut powder is untouched by human hands making is super-safe, and is complete nutrition that is low in calories and carbs and super convenient to use. prepare your nuut before leaving home, adding a sachet to your hydrator flask with 300ml of filtered water or nut milk. we like to add ice to keep it chilled, and a big dollop of organic cashew butter and chia seeds to make it nice and thick. it’s a meal-in-a-shake.

avoid touching your face

respiratory viruses commonly enter the body through mouths, noses and eyes – so keep your hands away from your face unless you’ve just washed them.


disinfect your mobile phone

constantly wipe down your mobile phone with a disinfectant, along with any other items you come into frequent or extended contact with, like your armrests and tray tables.


wear a mask if you’re coughing, sneezing or taking care of someone with covid-19

more information on how to effectively use a mask is available on the world health organisation website.


enjoy travelling again nuuters. stay safe and happy flying.