how to start the school year right

by team nuut

and a tasty and healthy lunchbox recipe

a new school year brings about a new experience for kids in every sense of life. for parents, it can be a minefield of worry – a friend crisis, new teacher, increases in homework, making a team, …

making sure your kids are back-to-school ready goes beyond preparing them for their first week. it's about making sure they are getting the right amount of sleep and eating the right foods so they are full of beans, illness free and brimming with self-confidence.

stress & anxiety

back-to-school jitters is common for kids of all ages. the most important thing parents can do is acknowledge the fear. ignoring anxiety or telling them to toughen up can often just makes it worse.

talk to your kids about any issues causing them grief, and work with them to find solutions. if it's taking public transport to school every day, go over the route with them on the weekend to help them become familiar and comfortable.

encourage your child to partake in activities he or she is interested in. if they have an artistic bent, get involved in their art projects and set up a meeting with their teacher to find out how you can assist and encourage them more. at the end of the day, acknowledging and easing any anxiety can make the school experience enjoyable.

daily nutrition

breakfast remains the most important meal of the day, and a protein-rich meal assists kids to focus while keeping blood sugar levels stable. it can be hard to find the right protein sources on a rushed weekday morning, so toss out any sugary cereals or holiday breakfast treats and instead, serve up eggs, nuts, yoghurts and milk alongside wholegrains and fruit. blitz a chocolate nuut with milk and ice for over a third of their daily nutritional requirements (they won’t even notice if you toss some cauliflower, banana or a handful of spinach in the mix;) nuut protein powder is optimised for bioavailability which allows maximum absorption of all nutrients. it is also vegan and free from dairy, soy, gluten, fillers, sugar, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms. for kids on the go, pour their nuut into a shaker bottle to enjoy on the morning commute. now there’s no excuse not to enjoy a protein-rich breakfast.

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preparing a simple lunch that is wholesome and one they will actually want to eat is a daily issue for many parents. here are some tried and tested lunchbox ideas they won’t want to trade:

• sandwich using whole wheat bread, chicken and japanese mayo layered with avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce

• pasta salad bowl with left-over grilled chicken and extra greens

• almond butter sandwich with sliced bananas

• meatball and pesto pasta

• cream cheese and veggie roll-up

• rainbow sushi packed with veggies

• diy own bento box: sliced hard-boiled egg, sliced avocado, whole grain crackers, hummus and pepper slices


• trail mix of nuts, dried fruit, seeds and whole grain cereal

• sliced banana with peanut butter

• yogurt with berries and granola

• sliced apple with cheese

• guacamole with tortilla chips and sliced mini cucumbers

• leftover chicken breast slices to dip into mustard or barbecue sauce with a sliced plum on the side

• air popped popcorn topped with a touch of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese along with edamame or sugar snap peas on the side

• nuut brownies & peanut butter bars – head to recipes here

nuut peanut butter bar

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after school activities

the trickiest part of the school day for many parents is after the bell rings. out come the phones, snacks and ipads as well as a mountain of homework. it makes challenging to fit in fitness and a healthy eating routine up to dinner.

whether it's footy, tennis, ballet or swimming, getting kids interested in sports builds their fitness and teaches them teamwork which builds self-confidence. It doesn’t have to be a set class or team practice either. it can be as simple as an ocean swim, skipping rope, or walking the dog. as long as your kids have an activity planned, they are moving their bodies after sitting all day. it's also a great way to spend time with them. get involved with whatever activity they choose and you'll get as much out of it as they do.


getting to sleep is difficult for many kids, especially after the holidays when the school routine recommences. it can be even more difficult for teenagers, whose natural sleep cycle may be to stay up late and sleep in the next day.

sleep requirements differ for everyone, but a good guideline is 9 - 11 hours of sleep per night for younger kids and 8 - 10 hours for teenagers.

The first step to a good night’s sleep is considering their sleep hygiene, the collection of habits and behaviours that promote good sleep. consistency is critical, and effective sleep strategies take time and repetition:

routine: we are creatures of habit, and bedtime routines give children a sense of familiarity and comfort, which directly opposes the uncertainty of insomnia. a consistent 20 minute bedtime routine lets their body and mind know it's time to settle down and get ready for sleep. Include three to four quiet, soothing activities like a warm bath, putting on pjs, brushing teeth, and reading a book.

sleep schedule: choose a time that suits your child's biological clock to help them drift off with regularity. try to keep the same time on weekends as on school nights. changing it on weekends makes it more difficult for kids to maintain their regular weekday schedules.

screen curfew: mobile devices, tvs, and tablets emit blue light that suppresses melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep, and children are especially vulnerable to its effects. remove all electronic devices from their bedrooms an hour before sleep time. it's won’t be easy but within a few weeks will become their normal routine.

out fido!: while cuddling up with a furry family member can be comforting, a pet's movements and noises during the night can interrupt a good night's sleep. try moving your pet outside your child's bedroom for a few nights to see if that helps. to make the transition easier, include saying goodnight to fido as part of your kid's bedtime routine.

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